On 26.07.2018 in Daily news paper, Mr. Shiran Fernando/ President of Canned Fish Manufacturers Association stated that they are able to meet the demand for canned fish in the local market with a ‘ little encouragement from the government ’.

On 21.06.2018 in Daily news paper, CFMASL/ President of Mr. Shiran Fernando at a Press briefing discussion stated that there was no parasite in local canned fish products. He further expressed that their association could give an assurance to the public that its products were totally free from parasites.  

A high level seminar on FOCUS-LK 2018: Managing the Oceans and Boosting the Blue Economy was held yesterday, the 17th of May at BCIS from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m with the presence of a number of dignitaries and professional representatives from the government, diplomatic, non-government, private and academic sectors which was followed by a film screening – Chasing Coral.